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Wix ADI is an innovative technology that leverages AI to streamline the process of website creation by customizing design and content according to user input. It asks for essential business information and design preferences, then instantly generates a fully developed site that can be further customized. By combining automated AI-generated writing and visuals with human customization options, Wix ADI offers a balance between ease of use and creative freedom.


Key Features
Wix ADI Website Builder
AI-powered tool that automatically creates customized, professional-looking websites based on user-provided business information.
Personalized Website Design
Offers users the ability to personalize the layout, design, and branding of their website beyond the AI-generated foundation.
Multiple Design Themes
Users can choose from multiple design themes that best suit their business, maintaining consistency throughout the website.
AI Business Management Tools
Wix ADI includes AI tools for business management and growth, like AI product description generator, text creator, and logo generator.
Advanced AI Website Generator
Upcoming tool that promises an even more advanced way to create tailor-made websites using AI.
User-friendly Interface
Designed to be highly user-friendly, requiring minimal tech experience for new users to create websites.

Connect Domain

US$ 4.50/mo

Custom domain

1 GB Bandwidth

500 MB Storage space

24/7 customer care


US$ 8.50/mo

Everything in Connect Domain

Free domain for 1 year

Remove Wix branding

Free SSL certificate

2 GB Bandwidth

3 GB Storage space

30 minutes Video hours


US$ 14.50/mo

Everything in Combo

Unlimited Bandwidth

10 GB Storage space

1 hour Video hours

Site Booster app Free for 1 Year

Visitor Analytics app Free for 1 Year


US$ 26/mo

Everything in Unlimited

35 GB Storage space

5 hours Video hours

Professional logo

Social media logo files

Priority customer care

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