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What is Wix ADI?

Wix ADI is an innovative technology that leverages AI to streamline the process of website creation by customizing design and content according to user input. It asks for essential business information and design preferences, then instantly generates a fully developed site that can be further customized. By combining automated AI-generated writing and visuals with human customization options, Wix ADI offers a balance between ease of use and creative freedom.

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Wix ADI is an innovative website builder that combines the power of AI with user customization options to create personalized and professional-looking websites. With its user-friendly interface, even those with minimal technical experience can easily create their own websites. The AI-powered tool generates a fully developed site based on user-provided business information, and users can further customize the layout, design, and branding to suit their needs. The multiple design themes ensure consistency throughout the website.

Additionally, Wix ADI offers AI business management tools such as an AI product description generator, text creator, and logo generator to assist with business growth. For those looking for an even more advanced way to create tailor-made websites, there is an upcoming tool on the horizon. Overall, Wix ADI strikes a great balance between ease of use and creative freedom. Check out the screenshots for a closer look at this impressive product.

Wix ADI screenshot Homepage
Wix ADI screenshot Create 1
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Wix ADI alternatives

  • PageGPT
    Website Builder


    PageGPT is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized landing page designs, allowing users to easily customize them through a natural speech interface. The platform offers various features such as AI-generated copywriting, responsive design, and unlimited custom effects. PageGPT provides diverse pricing plans to suit different needs, including trial options and one-time payment plans for single or multiple page creations.
    $7 / page
  • Framer
    Website Builder


    Framer utilizes AI to create unique combinations of web page layout, copy, and styling, making the design process fast and seamless. The platform's human-curated feature refines AI-generated content for maximum appeal, while theme customization and built-in copywriting further enhance the user's control over their site's design. With multiple pricing plans, including visitor limitations and CMS collections, Framer caters to hobbyists and professionals alike, offering solutions for landing pages, personal sites, and bigger web projects.
    Free tier + $7/mo