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Framer utilizes AI to create unique combinations of web page layout, copy, and styling, making the design process fast and seamless. The platform's human-curated feature refines AI-generated content for maximum appeal, while theme customization and built-in copywriting further enhance the user's control over their site's design. With multiple pricing plans, including visitor limitations and CMS collections, Framer caters to hobbyists and professionals alike, offering solutions for landing pages, personal sites, and bigger web projects.


Key Features
AI-Based Layout Generation
From raw idea to a real page in seconds, AI creates unique combinations of layout, copy, and styling.
Optimization by Experts
AI-generated content is refined and optimized by human expertise for maximum efficiency and appeal.
AI-Driven Theme Customization
AI helps to mix and match fonts and color palettes to build themes, offering countless unique combinations.
AI Copywriting Tool
Enhance your website copy with Framer AI, automatically creating compelling and fitting content.
Unlimited AI Projects
Create and refine unlimited projects with AI, making design and content creation fast and seamless.


$0 / mo

For hobby projects

Design Editor

Framer banner


$7 / mo

For landing pages

Home + 404 page

Custom domain

1,000 visitors/mo


$15 / mo

For personal sites

Unlimited pages

Password protect

1 CMS collection

10 page search limit

10,000 visitors/mo


$30 / mo

For bigger sites




10 CMS collections

300 page search limit

200,000 visitors/mo

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