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What is Framer?

Framer utilizes AI to create unique combinations of web page layout, copy, and styling, making the design process fast and seamless. The platform's human-curated feature refines AI-generated content for maximum appeal, while theme customization and built-in copywriting further enhance the user's control over their site's design. With multiple pricing plans, including visitor limitations and CMS collections, Framer caters to hobbyists and professionals alike, offering solutions for landing pages, personal sites, and bigger web projects.

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Used by notable organizations.

Framer is a verified product that is used by notable organizations.

Review & Screenshots

Framer is an exceptional website builder that utilizes AI to streamline the design process. With its AI-based layout generation, users can transform raw ideas into fully realized web pages in a matter of seconds. What sets Framer apart is its human-curated feature, which ensures that the AI-generated content is refined and optimized by experts, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and appeal.

Additionally, the AI-driven theme customization allows users to effortlessly create unique combinations of fonts and color palettes, resulting in countless personalized themes. The built-in AI copywriting tool further enhances the user's control over their website's content, automatically generating compelling and fitting copy. With the ability to create and refine unlimited projects, Framer makes design and content creation fast and seamless. For a closer look at the product, be sure to check out the screenshots showcasing its impressive features.

Framer screenshot Homepage
Framer screenshot Generate 1
Framer screenshot Generaet 2
Framer screenshot Generate 3
Framer screenshot Result 1
Framer screenshot Result 2
Framer screenshot Result 3
Framer screenshot Result 4
Framer screenshot Result 5
Framer screenshot Result 6
Framer screenshot Text 1
Framer screenshot Text 2
Framer screenshot Style
Framer screenshot Add Section
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Framer alternatives

  • Wix ADI
    Website Builder

    Wix ADI

    Wix ADI is an innovative technology that leverages AI to streamline the process of website creation by customizing design and content according to user input. It asks for essential business information and design preferences, then instantly generates a fully developed site that can be further customized. By combining automated AI-generated writing and visuals with human customization options, Wix ADI offers a balance between ease of use and creative freedom.
  • PageGPT
    Website Builder


    PageGPT is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized landing page designs, allowing users to easily customize them through a natural speech interface. The platform offers various features such as AI-generated copywriting, responsive design, and unlimited custom effects. PageGPT provides diverse pricing plans to suit different needs, including trial options and one-time payment plans for single or multiple page creations.
    $7 / page