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Runway's tool provides the ability to generate videos through Gen-1 (Video to Video) and Gen-2 (Text to Video) technologies. Users can select from different pricing plans to access additional features such as upscaling resolution, removing watermarks, and training custom AI generators. The platform also enables collaboration, real-time editing, and storage, all accessible from anywhere in the world through a browser.


Key Features
Gen-2 Text to Video
Create videos from text using Gen-2 technology.
No-Download Cloud Access
Work from anywhere; no downloads required.
Runway AI Editing Tools
30+ tools including video editing within Runway.
Commercial Gen-2 Usage
Use Gen-2 creations for commercial purposes.
Real-Time Team Collaboration
Collaborate in real-time with others.


Free Forever

125 credits = 8s of Gen-1, 25s of Gen-2, or 25 image generations

Gen-2 (Text to Video) up to 4 sec

3 video projects

Video editor exports in 720p


$15 / mo

625 credits = 44s of Gen-1, 125s of Gen-2, or 125 image generations

Gen-1 (Video to Video) up to 15 sec

Unlimited video editor projects

100GB assets


$35 / mo

2250 credits = 160s of Gen-1, 450s of Gen-2 or 450 image generations

Gen-2 (Text to Video) up to 4 sec

500GB assets

All video exports from Standard, plus PNG & ProRes


$95 / mo

Unlimited video generations

2250 credits/month = 450s of Gen-2, 160s of Gen-1, or 450 image generations

Unlimited generations of Gen-1 and Gen-2

Integration with internal tools


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Enterprise-wide Support

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