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What is Runway?

Runway's tool provides the ability to generate videos through Gen-1 (Video to Video) and Gen-2 (Text to Video) technologies. Users can select from different pricing plans to access additional features such as upscaling resolution, removing watermarks, and training custom AI generators. The platform also enables collaboration, real-time editing, and storage, all accessible from anywhere in the world through a browser.

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Runway is the market leader for tools in the Video Generation category.

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Runway is an outstanding video generation tool that offers a range of features to meet your needs. With both Gen-1 (Video to Video) and Gen-2 (Text to Video) technologies, you can easily create captivating videos from either existing footage or textual prompts. The pricing plans provide great value, with options for unlimited video generations, upscaling resolution, and ample storage.

The real-time team collaboration feature makes it easy to work together with others, while the no-download cloud access ensures convenience and accessibility from anywhere. Runway's AI editing tools offer a wide array of options, including video editing, all within the platform. I highly recommend checking out the screenshots to see the impressive capabilities of this product.

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Runway screenshot Preview
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Runway alternatives

  • Descript
    Video Generation


    Descript offers an integrated platform for video editing, podcasting, screen recording, transcription, and publishing. Users can edit multitrack audio, create clips using templates, host videos with an embeddable player, and take advantage of artificial intelligence-driven features such as AI Green Screen and Overdub. The service provides various pricing plans, including options for transcription hours, watermark-free exports, and other customizable features.
    Free tier + $12/mo
  • D-ID
    Video Generation


    D-ID offers a platform for creating talking avatars and generating photorealistic videos using Generative AI, making it accessible through both an API and Creative Reality™ studio. Users can utilize real-time animation and advanced text-to-speech to craft immersive and human-like conversational AI experiences. Different pricing plans cater to a wide range of needs, offering varied levels of support, presenter options, and additional features like custom watermarks and plugins for Canva and PowerPoint.
    Free tier + $6/mo