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Reviewly is an AI-powered tool that assists businesses in gathering customer reviews by providing AI-crafted review options and automated SMS invitations. The software supports an easy 3-click setup, connecting to Google Business Profiles, and offers a free plan with up to 50 review requests per day. AI-generated responses, a high open rate for SMS invitations, and personalized business responses are key functionalities that enhance online reputation management for businesses of all sizes.


Key Features
AI Drafted Reviews
Reviewly's AI-crafted review options make it easy for customers to provide quick, quality feedback.
SMS Review Collection
Automated SMS review collection with a 98% open rate, ensuring review requests are seen and acted upon.
Automated Review Responses
AI technology generates personalized responses to reviews, saving time and ensuring attention to every review.
AI Response Suggestions
Respond quickly to customers with AI-powered response suggestions, managing your reputation via SMS.
3-Click Setup
Simple setup that allows you to connect your Google Business Profile and start sending review requests quickly.
AI Business Responses
Utilize AI to generate personalized responses to customer reviews, enhancing online presence.
High SMS Engagement
Invite customers via SMS with a 97% open rate for maximum engagement and automated communication.

Free Plan


50 review requests per day

AI-crafted review options

AI-generated personalized responses

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