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What is Reviewly?

Reviewly is an AI-powered tool that assists businesses in gathering customer reviews by providing AI-crafted review options and automated SMS invitations. The software supports an easy 3-click setup, connecting to Google Business Profiles, and offers a free plan with up to 50 review requests per day. AI-generated responses, a high open rate for SMS invitations, and personalized business responses are key functionalities that enhance online reputation management for businesses of all sizes.

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Reviewly is listed on this directory after being personally tested and is one of the best Reviews Automation tools available.

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Reviewly is an AI-powered tool that aims to assist businesses in gathering customer reviews more efficiently. With features such as AI Drafted Reviews and Automated SMS Collection, Reviewly simplifies the feedback process for customers. The Easy 3-Click Setup allows for a quick connection to Google Business Profiles, enabling businesses to start sending review requests promptly.

Additionally, the software offers AI-Generated Responses, ensuring that every review receives personalized attention. The Free Plan includes 50 review requests per day, AI-crafted review options, and AI-generated personalized responses, making it a valuable option for businesses of all sizes. The screenshots taken during our trial provide a visual representation of the product's functionality.

Reviewly screenshot Homepage
Reviewly screenshot Dashboard
Reviewly screenshot Contacts
Reviewly screenshot Feedback
Reviewly screenshot Request
Reviewly screenshot Create
Reviewly screenshot Created
Reviewly screenshot Ai Review
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Reviewly alternatives

    Reviews Automation

    GetReviews leverages AI to enable businesses to collect and manage customer feedback through automated campaigns and a range of other channels such as white-label survey URLs and email campaigns. The AI-driven system offers tools to predictably generate customer reviews, streamlining the review collection process.
    Free tier + $19/mo
  • EmbedSocial Reviews
    Reviews Automation

    EmbedSocial Reviews

    EmbedSocial is a comprehensive AI Reviews Management Platform that allows businesses to collect, manage, and showcase social media reviews across different platforms in real-time. It offers additional features like AI-driven CSS generation for widget customization, bulk import of reviews, and search visibility enhancement through SEO snippets. The platform provides various pricing plans with different source capacities, refresh rates, and features, catering to businesses of all sizes and types.
    7 day trial + $29/mo