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The DreamStudio platform is a tool designed for generating, editing, and upscaling images using multiple models like Stable Diffusion. Users can select specific versions of the models to gain different enhancements, control aspect ratios, or upscale images by 2x or 4x. The platform operates on a credit system, with varying costs depending on the chosen model and parameters, and offers a credit calculator to estimate usage costs.


Key Features
Art Generation
Create art, photographs, and illustrations in any style.
Image Modification
Modify images with inpainting and outpainting.
Advanced Diffusion Models
Use advanced models for effortless image generation.
Simultaneous Variations
Explore creative variations of your image simultaneously.
Aspect Ratio Management
Control the aspect ratio of your generated images.
Prompt Strength Control
Guide the image to match your prompt closely.
Image Transformation Upload
Transform existing images based on a prompt.

Standard Credits Package

$10 per 1,000 credits

Roughly 500 SDXL images

Access to Stable Diffusion models

Create and edit images

Cost-effective for developers

Free Trial


25 initial free credits

Access to basic features

Ideal for trying out the service

Limited access to advanced models

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