DreamStudio reviews and alternatives

What is DreamStudio?

The DreamStudio platform is a tool designed for generating, editing, and upscaling images using multiple models like Stable Diffusion. Users can select specific versions of the models to gain different enhancements, control aspect ratios, or upscale images by 2x or 4x. The platform operates on a credit system, with varying costs depending on the chosen model and parameters, and offers a credit calculator to estimate usage costs.

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Verified product

Used by notable organizations.

DreamStudio is a verified product that is used by notable organizations.

Review & Screenshots

DreamStudio is an impressive image generation and editing platform that offers a range of powerful features. With access to Stable Diffusion models, users can effortlessly create stunning art, photographs, and illustrations in any style. The ability to modify images using inpainting and outpainting techniques adds a whole new level of creativity. The platform also allows for precise control over aspect ratios, ensuring that the generated images are perfectly tailored to your needs.

The credit system is transparent, and the credit calculator helps estimate usage costs. With options to upscale images by 2x or 4x, DreamStudio provides even more versatility. Overall, DreamStudio is a reliable and cost-effective tool for image generation and editing. Check out the screenshots to see the incredible results for yourself.

DreamStudio screenshot Homepage
DreamStudio screenshot Choose Style
DreamStudio screenshot Prompt Strength
DreamStudio screenshot Results
DreamStudio screenshot Edit Image
DreamStudio screenshot Eraser
DreamStudio screenshot Add Dream
DreamStudio screenshot Inpaint
DreamStudio screenshot Inpaint Result
DreamStudio screenshot Outpainting
DreamStudio screenshot Outpainted
DreamStudio screenshot Pricing
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DreamStudio alternatives

  • Playground AI
    Image Generation

    Playground AI

    The tool specializes in image generation. Features such as growing images beyond their edges, erasing unwanted elements, and turning sketches into lifelike images are included. You can also blend real and synthetic images for creating distinctive artworks and photorealistic images. Includes a generous free tier that lets you create 1000 images a day.
    Free tier + $15/mo
  • Midjourney
    Image Generation


    The Midjourney Bot on Discord enables users to create custom images from text prompts, offering various features like upscaling, variations, and saving, all through simple commands within Discord channels.