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MarketMuse is an AI-driven platform that scans and analyzes website content, identifying strengths and weaknesses through proprietary algorithms. It offers various functionalities including content planning, keyword clustering, content briefing, and competitive content analysis, allowing for personalized content strategies. The tool's insights help users to prioritize content, understand page value, optimize for search engines, and ensure content quality and relevance, all based on objective data.


Key Features
Content Optimization
Identify and save at-risk content to improve authority, and provide real-time feedback on quality.
AI-Powered Content Planning
Create content plans quickly with page-level, site-level, and SERP insights using AI technology.
Rapid Cluster Creation
Build topic clusters quickly with MarketMuse, ensuring you own your topic and gain authority.
Competitor Gap Analysis
AI-powered analysis to reveal competitors' gaps in the SERP, removing guesswork in content structuring.
AI-Driven Keyword Research
Organize and prioritize keywords for the best chance of ranking, using AI to build authority.



Limited page-level insights

1 user

10 queries per month

No credit card required



Full page-level insights

1 user

100 queries per month

Everything in Free, including full results in SERP X-ray, Heatmap, Topic Navigator, Connect for linking recommendations, export options, ChatGPT integration, Unlimited Content Briefs



Full page-level insights

3 users

Unlimited queries & Briefs

Everything in Standard, with team collaboration features



Page & site-level insights

Inventory & topic tracking

Personalized metrics

Everything in Team, with advanced features, personalized data and content intelligence

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