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Warmer.ai is a tool that leverages AI to analyze and create personalized emails by examining data from LinkedIn, websites, or CSV files. It enables users to choose specific objectives, such as booking meetings or driving traffic, and personalizes content accordingly. Warmer.ai offers various pricing tiers with different credit allotments and personalization capabilities, catering to diverse user needs and outreach scales.


Key Features
AI Email Personalization
Generates unique personalizations for emails using AI in seconds.
Prospect LinkedIn Analysis
Analyzes prospects' LinkedIn profiles to create highly personal emails.
Bulk CSV Personalization
Can process lists of multiple people through CSV for bulk personalization.
Targeted Email Objectives
Choose specific email objectives like booking meetings or driving website traffic.
Rapid Email Response
Create and send personalized emails in seconds, increasing response rates.



10 Credits

LinkedIn Personalizations

5 Lines Per Lead



500 Credits Each Month

0.12¢ Per Lead

LinkedIn Personalizations

5 Lines Per Lead



1,000 Credits Each Month

0.10¢ Per Lead

LinkedIn Personalizations

5 Lines Per Lead



5,000 Credits Each Month

0.06¢ Per Lead

LinkedIn Personalizations

5 Lines Per Lead

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