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Seashore.AI is designed to enhance online sales through its AI-powered sales chatbot that mimics human-like interactions. With features like intuitive analytics and tiered conversation packages, it aims to support businesses of all sizes in maximizing their sales performance. The service offers flexible pricing plans, including Minnow, Dolphin, and Whale, to suit various sales volume requirements.


Key Features
Efficient AI Sales Reps
AI-powered sales representatives enable efficient online sales interactions, offering various tiered conversation packages.
Mimics Human Conversation
The chatbot mimics human interaction, making it difficult for users to differentiate between bot and human responses.
Fully Automated Service
The chatbot service is fully automated, requiring no human intervention for engaging website visitors.
Insightful Chatbot Analytics
Provides insightful and easy-to-understand analytics to monitor and analyze chatbot interactions and performance.
Effortless Quick Setup
The chatbot can be set up on your website in minutes, making integration effortless.


Free for 14 days then $12/mo

50 AI powered conversations / month

1 Seat for human agents

14-day free trial

Ideal for small businesses



100 AI powered conversations / month

5 Seats for human agents

Dedicated support for online sales

Best value for growing businesses



200 AI powered conversations / month

25 Seats for human agents

Enhanced features for scaling

Suited for large corporations

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