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Altera leverages AI to provide sales professionals with hyper-personalized messaging and context-aware comments on LinkedIn, aiming to increase connection acceptance and meeting bookings. By adapting to users' writing styles and offering real-time analytics, Altera facilitates more effective and scalable sales strategies. With different pricing plans, it caters to individuals, professionals, and enterprises, all focusing on enhancing sales outreach and performance.


Key Features
Personalized LinkedIn Messages
Create tailored messages that resonate with individual LinkedIn users.
Context-Aware AI Comments
AI crafts comments aware of the specific context, improving engagement.
AI Conversation Guide
AI guides conversations naturally towards your intended goals.
Custom AI Training
Altera adapts to your writing style, keeping interactions genuine.
LinkedIn Integration
Direct integration with LinkedIn, facilitating one-click responses and scalability.
Engagement Analytics
Real-time tracking and measurement of engagement and conversion rates.
Contextual Comment Generator
A.I trained to produce engaging posts and context-aware comments.



25 messages daily cap

Limited training

1 account



Unlimited generation

Custom A.I Training

1 account



Unlimited generation

Custom A.I. Training

Custom team accounts

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