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Overview screenshot Homepage screenshot Dashboard screenshot Add Product screenshot Age screenshot Models screenshot Wearing screenshot Compose screenshot Scene 1 screenshot Scene 2 screenshot Scene 3 screenshot Scene 4 screenshot Scene 5 screenshot Pricing is an AI-driven tool that uses your sample product images to create enhanced, professional-grade photos as per your vision. It can manipulate photos to place your product in different scenarios, replace people in photos with models wearing your clothing, or position your shoes on a model in varied settings. The process is fast and available round the clock, making an ideal solution for businesses seeking to enhance their product representation without high photography costs.


Key Features
AI-Generated Product Photos
Produce high-quality product photos by specifying your desired shot and uploading product images.
AI Assisted Image Alteration
Effortlessly tweak your images. For instance, if you want a woman in the park wearing your blazer, specify this and the AI does it.

Tier I


100 Credits per month

Unlimited product image uploads

Unlimited watermarked image generation

Access to premium workflows

Access to virtual AI models

Custom prompts

Product scaling and positioning

4K resolution download

PSD file download

Tier II


Everything in Tier I

850 Credits per month

Tier III


Everything in Tier II

2,500 Credits per month


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