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What is Looka?

Looka is an AI-powered platform designed for creating custom logos and building brand identities through different subscription packages. The platform allows users to design logos, modify colors and symbols, and view mockups, offering various file types including PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS. Beyond logo design, Looka also provides branded marketing materials and an AI-generated website option, facilitating a comprehensive branding solution.

Verified Status

Looka is listed on this directory after being personally tested and is one of the best Logo Generation tools available.

Review & Screenshots

Looka offers excellent value for money with its range of features and subscription packages. The ability to design and customize logos for free, and only pay to download high-resolution files, allows for a cost-effective solution for businesses. With access to multiple high-res file types suitable for different media and professional printing, Looka ensures that users have all the necessary resources at their disposal.

Additionally, the inclusion of branded marketing materials and the AI-generated website option further enhances the comprehensive branding solution provided by Looka. The easy-to-use editor and customizable tools make logo customization a breeze. For a closer look at the product, be sure to check out the accompanying screenshots from our trial experience.

Looka screenshot Homepage
Looka screenshot Start
Looka screenshot Start 2
Looka screenshot Start 3
Looka screenshot Start 4
Looka screenshot Start 5
Looka screenshot Symbol
Looka screenshot Customize
Looka screenshot Layout
Looka screenshot Palette
Looka screenshot Container
Looka screenshot Brand
Looka screenshot Gen Fb
Looka screenshot Gen Fb 2
Looka screenshot Gen Covers
Looka screenshot Gen Cover 2
Looka screenshot Gen Web
Looka screenshot Pricing
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Looka alternatives

  • PageGPT AI Logos
    Logo Generation

    PageGPT AI Logos

    PageGPT AI Logo Generator is an AI-driven platform that produces truly unique logo designs based on your company details. Users can customize logo attributes and select from multiple download options.
    Free + $5/500 logos
  • Logoai
    Logo Generation


    LogoAI utilizes a Smart AI Engine to understand logo data and design principles, generating distinct logos. Additional features include automated branding that handles visual identity, customizable business card designs, and the provision of various file formats and resolutions. Users can select from multiple pricing plans, paying only when they choose to download the finalized logo package.
    Trial + $29/logo