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What is Adobe Firefly?

Adobe Firefly is designed to help users create and manipulate images through innovative features like text-to-image translation and generative fill, where objects can be painted or erased using textual descriptions. Generative recoloring and 3D scene conversion to images are also available. Currently, in its beta phase, the tool is free, and all generated images carry an Adobe watermark.

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Review & Screenshots

Adobe Firefly is a fantastic tool that allows you to create and manipulate images with ease. With innovative features like text-to-image translation and generative fill, you can bring your ideas to life by painting or erasing objects using textual descriptions. The ability to apply styles and textures to text with prompts is a game-changer, and the text-driven color variations feature adds a whole new level of creativity to your vector artwork.

Additionally, the 3D scene to image conversion is impressive. The fact that it's currently free during the beta phase is a huge bonus, although the Adobe watermark on exported images is a slight drawback. I highly recommend checking out Adobe Firefly and exploring the screenshots to see the incredible results for yourself.

Adobe Firefly screenshot Homepage
Adobe Firefly screenshot Generate Image
Adobe Firefly screenshot Image Prompt
Adobe Firefly screenshot Generated
Adobe Firefly screenshot Settings
Adobe Firefly screenshot Fill
Adobe Firefly screenshot Subtract
Adobe Firefly screenshot Fill Prompt
Adobe Firefly screenshot Fill Result
Adobe Firefly screenshot Remove Background
Adobe Firefly screenshot Background Prompt
Adobe Firefly screenshot Bg Result
Adobe Firefly screenshot Inpaint
Adobe Firefly screenshot Inpainted
Adobe Firefly screenshot Text Effects
Adobe Firefly screenshot Text Prompt
Adobe Firefly screenshot Text Result
Adobe Firefly screenshot Recolor
Adobe Firefly screenshot Color 1
Adobe Firefly screenshot Color 2
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Adobe Firefly alternatives

  • Clipdrop
    Image Improvement


    Clipdrop employs artificial intelligence to provide users with the ability to enhance and modify images through features like uncropping, background removal, and image upscaling. These functionalities allow both professional and casual users to improve the quality, composition, and aesthetics of their images.
    Free tier + $14.5/mo
    Image Improvement provides a comprehensive set of AI tools designed for image generation, editing, and expansion. Features such as text-to-image conversion, inpainting, and outpainting allow users to manipulate images and create artwork in various styles. The platform also supports custom AI model creation, enabling personalized and scalable image generation.
    Free tier + $12/mo