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The tool specializes in image generation. Features such as growing images beyond their edges, erasing unwanted elements, and turning sketches into lifelike images are included. You can also blend real and synthetic images for creating distinctive artworks and photorealistic images. Includes a generous free tier that lets you create 1000 images a day.


Key Features
Artistic Image Fusion
Combine real and synthetic images for stunning art.
Creative Image Expansion
Expand images beyond their edges creatively.
Unnecessary Elements Removal
Easily remove unnecessary elements from images.
Seamless Object Integration
Place objects seamlessly into any scene.
Sketch-to-Reality Transformation
Turn your sketches into lifelike images.
Collaborative Project Management
Work in unison with others on projects.

Create like a Pro


Create 1,000 images per day

Use images commercially

Fixed image dimensions

Waiting period after 1,000 images

Generate one image at a time

Limits on quality and details after 50 images

Cannot generate images with DALL-E

Create up to 5 canvas files



Create 2,000 images per day with Stable Diffusion

Use images commercially

No limits on image dimensions up to 1M pixels

No limits on quality and details (steps)

Faster image generation

Search all your images

Priority customer support

Permanent Private mode

Create unlimited canvas files

DALL•E 2 Add On


800 DALL•E images per month for $10 (no rollover)

Buy up to 8,000 DALL•E images per month (no rollover)

Cheapest option to create DALL•E images

No watermark

Includes all the features of free but not Pro

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