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tinyEinstein is an AI-powered tool designed to manage marketing tasks for Shopify store owners. It provides features such as AI-driven email templates, abandoned cart recovery, one-click complex automations, and revenue reporting, all aimed at increasing sales and efficiency.


Key Features
AI-Driven Email Marketing
Increase sales & revenue with automated, on-brand emails designed and sent by AI.
Automated Popup Forms
Automatically create and insert email capture forms on your store to grow your contact list.
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Send targeted emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart, boosting conversion rates.
Customizable Master Template
Generate a master email template tailored to your brand's unique voice, assets, and visual styles.
Instant Email Automations
Enable complex triggered-automations that normally take hours to build with just a single button.
Automated Revenue Reports
Stay informed about your store's financial performance with automated revenue reporting.
Scheduled Season Promos
Automate seasonal special promotions to drive sales during key shopping periods.

AI Assistant


5 day trial

Unlimited messages for up to 100 contacts

Sync Store Data

Popup Forms

AI Master Template

AI Abandon Cart

AI Purchase Confirmation

AI Welcome Message

Revenue Reporting

AI Assistant


Everything in AI Assistant plan

Unlimited messages for up to 1,000 contacts

AI Assistant


Everything in AI Assistant plan

Unlimited messages for up to 10,000 contacts

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