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What is Hoppy Copy?

Hoppy Copy is designed specifically for email marketers, offering tools to create a wide range of email content, including image-rich newsletters and multi-day sequences. It comes with advanced features such as a content converter to repurpose content, spam check to identify keywords, and the ability to monitor competitors' strategies. The tool supports multiple languages and offers different pricing plans, allowing for varying levels of word generation and competitor monitoring.

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Hoppy Copy is a verified product that is used by notable organizations.

Review & Screenshots

Hoppy Copy is a powerful email automation tool that is specifically designed for email marketers. It offers a wide range of features that make creating engaging email content a breeze. With its AI Email Content Generator, you can easily generate content for various email campaigns using scientifically proven formulas. The Dazzling Newsletters Creator allows you to create visually stunning newsletters that will captivate your subscribers. The Spam Keyword Identifier ensures that your emails avoid the junk folder by identifying and replacing spam keywords.

The versatile Content Converter feature allows you to repurpose content effortlessly, making your content creation process more efficient. The Competitor Strategy Tracker is a valuable tool that enables you to access and track newsletters from top brands, helping you learn from their strategies and adapt your own. With Hoppy Copy, you can generate high-conversion emails for product launches, outreach messages, and lead nurture campaigns with just one click. The Creative Campaign Tools offer endless possibilities for generating unique campaign ideas, headlines, subject lines, and calls to action. Overall, Hoppy Copy is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that provides everything you need to create successful email campaigns. To get a better idea of the product, be sure to check out the screenshots that were taken during my trial.

Hoppy Copy screenshot Homepage
Hoppy Copy screenshot Dashboard
Hoppy Copy screenshot Voice
Hoppy Copy screenshot Add Voice
Hoppy Copy screenshot Gen Tone
Hoppy Copy screenshot Save Style
Hoppy Copy screenshot Brand Style
Hoppy Copy screenshot Monitoring
Hoppy Copy screenshot Track New
Hoppy Copy screenshot Tracking
Hoppy Copy screenshot Tracked
Hoppy Copy screenshot Create Seq
Hoppy Copy screenshot Create Seq 2
Hoppy Copy screenshot Create Seq 3
Hoppy Copy screenshot Create Seq 4
Hoppy Copy screenshot Create Seq 5
Hoppy Copy screenshot Write Seq 1
Hoppy Copy screenshot Write Seq 2
Hoppy Copy screenshot Write Seq 3
Hoppy Copy screenshot Insert All
Hoppy Copy screenshot Modify
Hoppy Copy screenshot Modified
Hoppy Copy screenshot Spam Check 1
Hoppy Copy screenshot Spam Check 2
Hoppy Copy screenshot Web Creator 2
Hoppy Copy screenshot Web Creator 3
Hoppy Copy screenshot Pricing
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Hoppy Copy alternatives

  • Tiny Einstein
    Email Automation

    Tiny Einstein

    tinyEinstein is an AI-powered tool designed to manage marketing tasks for Shopify store owners. It provides features such as AI-driven email templates, abandoned cart recovery, one-click complex automations, and revenue reporting, all aimed at increasing sales and efficiency.
    5 day trial + $3/mo
  • BenchmarkEmail
    Email Automation


    BenchmarkEmail Smart Content is designed to streamline email marketing by providing tools for creating fresh and engaging email content, as well as reusing and personalizing existing materials. It helps in automating customer journeys, A/B testing, and improving email deliverability through a dedicated IP in specific plans. The tool offers different pricing options, including a free tier, and includes Smart Content Credits for leveraging AI-driven content creation across the plans.
    Free tier + $10/mo