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Wonderchat is a platform designed to assist businesses in creating an AI chatbot using the text from their website or uploaded PDF files. From customer engagement to query resolution, this tool automates the process, working 24/7 to reduce customer support workload. Equipped with customizable features, conversation analytics, chatbot training capabilities, and easy integration, Wonderchat provides a comprehensive solution to enhance customer interaction and service provision.


Key Features
Adaptive AI Learning
Automatically learns from your website or PDF documents, adapting to your specific product or service.
24/7 Real-Time Engagement
Engages visitors 24/7 with instant, AI-powered responses, ensuring prompt assistance at any time.
Brand-Customizable Appearance
Personalize the chatbot's appearance to match your brand, including role and profile photo.
Continuous Adaptive Training
Continuously improve the chatbot's performance by training it with ideal answers and learning from its mistakes.
Easy Integration
Easily embed the AI chatbot on your site with a simple line of code, seamlessly fitting into your webpage.
Conversation Analytics
Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of chatbot conversations, including customer feedback and ratings.



10 Messages

50 Webpages

10 PDF pages

1 Chatbot



500 Messages

1,000 Webpages per chatbot

200 PDF pages per chatbot

2 Customisable chatbots



1,000 Messages

2,500 Webpages per chatbot

500 PDF pages per chatbot

3 Customisable chatbots



5,000 Messages

5,000 Webpages per chatbot

1,000 PDF pages per chatbot

4 Customisable chatbots



10,000 Messages

10,000 Webpages per chatbot

2,000 PDF pages per chatbot

5 Customisable chatbots

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