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Manifest AI is an AI-driven tool designed to support e-commerce stores with personalized product recommendations, engaging visitors through AI prompts tailored to their browsing behavior. Utilizing features like customizable avatars, multilingual support, and automatic training on store data, it aims to enhance the shopping experience and increase sales conversion. With various pricing plans, it offers features suitable for individual businesses to large enterprises, including dedicated account and success management.


Key Features
Precision Product Recommendation
Employs natural language processing to interpret buyer queries for precise recommendations.
Brand-Tone Customizable Personality
Allows customization of the AI assistant's personality to fit brand tonality.
Multilingual AI Support
Designed to support multiple languages using natural language processing technology.
Efficient AI Training
Automatically trained on store data, engaging and assisting customers efficiently.



10,000 messages

Custom data upload

Dedicated account manager

Shopify store sync

Avatar customizations

All languages

Product Recommendations

Similar Products


Additional message



Everything in Free

3000 messages



Everything in Starter

10,000 messages



Everything in Growth

50,000 messages

Dedicated success manager

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