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ChatBotKit allows users to build AI chatbots capable of natural conversations with users, powered by the latest language models like GPT-4. It offers various customization options, with the ability to embed these chatbots onto websites and integrate with messaging platforms like Slack, Discord, and WhatsApp.


Key Features
AI Chatbot Building
Create conversational AI chatbots with personalized data to enhance customer engagement and streamline tasks.
Chatbot Custom Skillsets
Add unique capabilities to your chatbot, such as image generation or webpage fetching.
GPT-4 Chatbot Support
The latest language model can now power all your chatbots, enabling more natural conversations.
Chatbot Widget Integration
Embed your chatbots on any website with advanced customization options and theming.
User Data Security
Robust measures ensure user data security against unauthorized access and strong privacy controls.
Chatbot Content Moderation
Automatic scanning and flagging of abusive content in chatbot conversations.
Semantic Search Implementation
Provide more accurate responses by implementing semantic search in your chatbot.



Up to 2M Tokens

Up to 1K Chat Sessions

Up to 10 Datasets

Up to 10 Skillsets

Up to 10 Integrations

Conversation History

Moderate Use

Online Support

Up to 200 crawled pages



Everything in Basic

Up to 4M Tokens

Up to 10K Chat Sessions

Up to 100 Datasets

Up to 100 Skillsets

Up to 100 Integrations

Heavy Use

Up to 1K crawled pages

Advanced Website Crawling

Disable ChatBotKit Branding

End-user Privacy-enablement features

Early access to new features



Everything in Pro

Up to 20M Tokens

Up to 50K Chat Sessions

Up to 1K Datasets

Up to 1K Skillsets

Team collaboration

Single sign-on (SSO)

Premier support: get faster, prioritized responses

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