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What is Pencil?

Pencil is an AI-powered tool that utilizes branding, assets, and data to create static and video ads in various aspect ratios. Designed primarily for ecommerce brands and performance agencies, it helps in automating the creative process for ad testing and optimization.

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Used by notable organizations.

Pencil is a verified product that is used by notable organizations.

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Pencil is an exceptional AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the creative process of ad generation. With its easy asset integration, you can effortlessly connect your branding, images, and videos to create stunning static and video ads in various aspect ratios. The real-time ad editing feature allows for quick and efficient performance testing, while the ad performance predictions based on $1B ad spend data ensure top-performing creatives.

The insights provided on ad performance and the ability to compare against sector benchmarks give valuable information for optimization. Pencil's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it a must-have for ecommerce brands and performance agencies. To get a glimpse of its capabilities, be sure to check out the screenshots taken during our trial.

Pencil screenshot Homepage
Pencil screenshot Create Workspace
Pencil screenshot Generate Ads
Pencil screenshot Add Assets
Pencil screenshot Add Stock
Pencil screenshot Stock Added
Pencil screenshot Brand Library
Pencil screenshot Create Ad
Pencil screenshot Ad Details
Pencil screenshot Ad Details 2
Pencil screenshot Ad Details 3
Pencil screenshot Ad Details 4
Pencil screenshot Ad Generated
Pencil screenshot Edit Video
Pencil screenshot Video Editor
Pencil screenshot Benchmarks
Pencil screenshot Image Gen
Pencil screenshot Custom Prompt
Pencil screenshot Image Generated
Pencil screenshot Pricing
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Pencil alternatives

  • AdCreative
    Ads Generation

    AdCreative is an AI-driven tool designed to generate and tailor ad creatives to users' specific brands and advertising platforms. It provides features such as unlimited creative generations, custom branding, access to free stock images, and text generation using AI, with different pricing packages determining the number of monthly credits for downloads. The platform also includes insights and analytics, enabling users to understand performance and optimize their ad creatives accordingly.
    Free tier + $21/mo