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Get custom Business Card Landing Page Templates generated for your brand and style with AI. Start with the #1 Business Card Landing Page Template generator

Creative Designs That Speak Volumes

Get your unique business cards designed by professionals

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Creative Designs That Speak Volumes

Get your unique business cards designed by professionals

Templates for every need

Whether you're a small business, an e-commerce store, a non-profit organization, or a personal blogger, we've got you covered. From minimalist to feature-rich, our templates are generated to ensure that your content shines in every context.

Generated according to your style

By taking into account your preferences and style, the our AI website template generator crafts unique website templates that align with your vision. From template structures, colors to typography, our AI ensures your website templates perfectly represent your unique style and brand.

Effortless customization

Fine-tune easily with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. But here’s the best part: you can simply chat and tell PageGPT what you want. Including adding beautiful effects and animations to your template. Your creativity is the limit.
How it works

Effortlessly generate new landing page templates with AI in four simple steps


Describe your product and theme

Start by entering what you’re selling, and the desired look or feel for the website template you want to generate.

Get tailored templates

Receive unique website templates. It comes with designs, copywriting and images specially tailored for your product.

Re-generate and find your perfect template

Browse through the generated page and section templates and choose the one that best resonates with your brand and vision.

Customize the details

Simply speak with our AI to fine-tune your website template. Or use our intuitive drag and drop editor.

Unlimited custom effects. Your creativity is the limit.

The simplest way to add unique effects. Simply by chatting with PageGPT.
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Animated Gradient Text
Prompt: "Add a gradient text animation from teal to purple, repeat on loop every 1 seconds"
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Custom Hover Effects
Prompt: "Add a hover effect where the image tilts in the direction of the cursor"
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Scroll Animation Effects
Prompt: "Add a parallax scroll effect to the image"
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Tips and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily modify the generated templates using our intuitive drag & drop builder or by chatting with our AI.

What to look for in your business card landing page template

A custom landing page for your business card can help reflect your brand's image, attract potential clients and provide all necessary contact information in a creative, engaging way. PageGPT's intuitive features make it easy to create a landing page that's unique to your brand.
Maintain Brand Consistency
Ensure your landing page reflects your brand image and style - from colors to fonts. Use PageGPT's brand matching feature to do this effortlessly.
Keep it Clean and Simple
Avoid cluttering your landing page. Let PageGPT's AI generate a clean, professional layout for you.
Make Contact Info Visible
Your contact information should be the focal point of your business card landing page. PageGPT can help you position it strategically.
Use High-Quality Images
Use high-resolution images to add an aesthetic appeal to your landing page. PageGPT can generate suitable images for you.
Include a Call-to-Action
Drive your visitors to take action with a compelling call-to-action. PageGPT's AI can generate effective CTAs for you.
Mobile Compatibility
Ensure your landing page looks great on all devices. PageGPT templates are designed to be mobile-friendly.
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Example Landing Pages Generated using PageGPT

Photography Portfolio Landing Page

Generated for Alexander Sterling Photography, a landscape photographer. A minimalistic and luxurious design. Underpinned by ivory colors and light grays.
View Page

SaaS Landing Page

Generated for TaskVista, a SaaS platform designed to boost your team's productivity. A clean and modern design, underpinned by a vibrant color palette. Dominant hues of blues and greens reflect stability and growth.
View Page

Ecommerce Landing Page

Generated for GlowHaven, a cosmetics brand for premium skincare and cosmetics products. Modern style with a soothing color palette. Predominant colors are soft neutrals, such as shades of ivory, blush and pale pastels.
View Page

Not just templates. You get a page you can instantly use.

The designs and underlying code are optimized and taken care of for you, so you can focus on tweaking the templates according to your vision.
Custom Design
PageGPT allows you to create unique designs that match your brand's image and style.
AI-Generated Content
PageGPT's AI can generate suitable copywriting and imagery for your landing page.
Easy Editing
With PageGPT's intuitive drag & drop builder, you can easily modify templates to your liking.