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Simple but engaging, professionally designed one pager websites in just minutes with PageGPT. Includes all the page sections that you need, styled according to your vision.

Suitable for all use cases

Whether you're a startup pitching to an investor, an individual looking to create a portfolio website, or launching a new product, we’ve got you covered. Our designs helps your content to shine and structures them to be engaging, informative and highly converting.

Match your company or personal style

With a one-pager, your branding and vision is shown in one single view. Make it count with a design that accurately reflects your identity. Whether it is minimalistic and simple, or bold and courageous - it’s all up to you.

Customize with ease

One-pagers are created for simplicity. That means that updating and tweaking your page should be simple too. PageGPT acts as your personal designer and developer - simply chat and tell it what you want. You can also move elements around freely with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Present it your way

Whether you want to host your page with your favourite provider, or download it to show it offline, it’s up to you. PageGPT offers direct ZIP exports as well as integrations with WordPress and Shopify.
How it works

Generate your One Pager in 5 simple steps


Describe your company and theme

Enter details such as your one pager objectives, and company description. Then, indicate the desired style for the one pager that you have in mind.

Get your customized one pager

View your unique one pager website. It includes tailored designs, as well as writing and images generated to best meet your one pager goal.

Re-generate anything you need

Easily regenerate the designs, text and images until you get your perfect one pager.

Customize and update with ease

Simply speak with our AI to fine-tune your one-pager template. Or use our intuitive drag and drop editor.

Export or sync with your webhost

Export your one pager as a zip file or connect with your Wordpress or Shopify website.
Check it out

Example Landing Pages Generated using PageGPT

Photography Portfolio Landing Page

Generated for Alexander Sterling Photography, a landscape photographer. A minimalistic and luxurious design. Underpinned by ivory colors and light grays.
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SaaS Landing Page

Generated for TaskVista, a SaaS platform designed to boost your team's productivity. A clean and modern design, underpinned by a vibrant color palette. Dominant hues of blues and greens reflect stability and growth.
View Page

Ecommerce Landing Page

Generated for GlowHaven, a cosmetics brand for premium skincare and cosmetics products. Modern style with a soothing color palette. Predominant colors are soft neutrals, such as shades of ivory, blush and pale pastels.
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One Pagers made simple for you.

We make things easy for you. The designs and code are optimized under-the-hood, so you can focus on tweaking the one pager according to your vision.
Optimized for Page Speed
Our generated one pagers are fast-loading to to ensure a smooth experience for viewers
Responsive for mobile
Each one pager is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience for your viewers across all devices
AI-Optimized Conversion Elements
Strategically placed conversion-boosting elements such as call-to-action buttons, forms, and testimonials for better sales.