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The easiest way to add animations and custom effects to your website, powered by PageGPT's chat interface. Create your website in minutes.

Unlimited custom effects. Your creativity is the limit.

The simplest way to add unique effects. Simply by chatting with PageGPT.
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Animated Gradient Text
Prompt: "Add a gradient text animation from teal to purple, repeat on loop every 1 seconds"
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Custom Hover Effects
Prompt: "Add a hover effect where the image tilts in the direction of the cursor"
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Scroll Animation Effects
Prompt: "Add a parallax scroll effect to the image"
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How it works

Build your interactive website in 5 simple steps


Describe your business

Start by indicating your company's name, the type of products or services, and the mood you want to evoke in your visitors on your website.

Get your personalized website

Page GPT crafts a website unique to your business style and theme. You also get copywriting and images that are specifically generated for your website - all yours to keep and reuse wherever required.

Re-generate to give your website a perfect look

If there's any part of your website that doesn't match your vision, you can easily regenerate the designs, images, or text.

Add interactions with chat

Add custom animations and effects simply by chatting. Turn your static website into an engaging interactive customer magnet.

Publish and start converting

Launch your interactive website pages on WordPress, Shopify or deploy your website on your favourite host with direct code exports.

Beautiful designs tailored to you

Don’t want to use a template that thousands of other stores are using? Get unique, never-seen-before page designs tailored specifically to your product and theme.

Chat to unleash your creativity

You're no longer limited by pre-built effects that a website builder provides you. With the PageGPT chat interface you can add all sorts of interactive effects and animations that you dream up.

AI-powered text and image generation

Say goodbye to hours spent brainstorming copy and sourcing images. Our technology generates captivating, SEO-optimized copy and aesthetically pleasing images that perfectly align with your brand and message. Make content creation a breeze with PageGPT.
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Example Landing Pages Generated using PageGPT

Photography Portfolio Landing Page

Generated for Alexander Sterling Photography, a landscape photographer. A minimalistic and luxurious design. Underpinned by ivory colors and light grays.
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SaaS Landing Page

Generated for TaskVista, a SaaS platform designed to boost your team's productivity. A clean and modern design, underpinned by a vibrant color palette. Dominant hues of blues and greens reflect stability and growth.
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Ecommerce Landing Page

Generated for GlowHaven, a cosmetics brand for premium skincare and cosmetics products. Modern style with a soothing color palette. Predominant colors are soft neutrals, such as shades of ivory, blush and pale pastels.
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